The insertion community aims to be a social response to people and/or families in vulnerable situations that are in need of assistance in their social integration, as well as for all who complete the institution’s rehabilitation program and manifest a need for support in their process of insertion within society.

In the Community, their skills will be developed and people will be encouraged to adhere and build a life-project, through a series of integrated arrangements that aims to their insertion.

It is adequately prepared to respond satisfactorily to the needs of all its users (25), as well as the necessary means to apply its methodological perspective.

The permanence of a resident in a Community will be previously assessed; this will define the necessary period of social integration, which should not exceed 18 months.

Criteria and Conditions for Admission – Insertion Program – More information

Apartments for Insertion

The insertion apartment is a bridge between the therapeutic community and social life. It aims to prolong the help relationship established during admission and to facilitate the socio-professional insertion of its residents.

The apartment may receive up to 5 people that must comply with an internal regulation, for a period of 6 months. The residents maintain their relationship with the monitor that assisted them during their residence in the therapeutic community and may benefit from social, psychological and professional support from the technical team associated to the insertion apartment. The philosophy of intervention in the insertion apartment is embedded in the general philosophy of Teen Challenge.